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"Antoinette to say the least is one of the very best when it comes to achieving clear skin. I had been to bunch of skin doctors and they all prescribed me pills and said it was the only way to clear hormonal acne. When i met Antoinette however her take on this was completely opposite. She helped me understand what the actual cause was and designed a custom regiment for me. She helps you stay positive through the whole process too. If you stick with it, in few months you will have perfect skin i promise❤️ thankyou Antoinette💋"



“I’ve struggled with acne since I was 16 & never found anything that worked until I met Antoinette. She gave me my confidence back and couldn’t be more grateful!”

-Gabby V. 


“As a little girl, I had the most incredible experience working with Antoinette. Her vibrant personality and passion for her work is ALWAYS present, and the products she has recommended to me have been a part of my routine for years. Antoinette, thank you for your constant support and guidance… your facials always made me feel like a princess! So grateful to have learned how to build a daily skin care routine at such a young age.”

- Samantha 


“I have known Antoinette since I was 19 years old and she has helped me cleared up my severe cystic acne. Before I met her I had no confidence at all and my severe cystic acne just took a toll of my life. I tried Proactiv and many other products but they didn't work. Antoinette gave me my confidence back and due to her help I continue having beautiful clear skin at the age of 30! She put me on the right skincare regimen for my acne and also educated me on the importance of eating a healthy diet. I honestly don't know what I would do without Antoinette, she's simply the best at what she does!”



“My experience with Antoinette has been genuinely marvelous! She truly knows how to target Acne in the skin and knows the science behind it and how to stop it. Most skin care brands and products will not teach you about your skin, instead they give you a “miracle product” and want you to believe it will cure the problem for all skin types. I had Acne and tried all different brands and forms of face washes and toners but none had the actual power for 

the success of getting my skin under control. When I met Antoinette, she mentored me on what acne was and how it was affecting my skin. She not only put me on her products but she showed me how to use each of them, what each product is used for, and when to use them. I truly discovered how to take control of my skin through her guidance and with her products. I am truly thankful for this wonderful and intelligent lady.” -Megan 


"Our daughter had horrible acne that the doctors could not resolve. A friend noticed how bad our daughters acne was and referred us to Antoinette. We were skeptical but after meeting Antoinette we knew we found our expert. Antoinette went to work right away and within 3 months our daughters face was completely transformed with a dramatic reduction in acne. More importantly she has been able to manage the acne very well with the regimen Antoinette has our daughter on. We HIGHLY recommend Antoinette and all the years of experience and expertise she brings. Don’t waste your money on dermatologist who treat the symptoms not the cause.”

-Isabells Dad 


“Never in million years back then I ever thought my skin would get any better. It was impossible to think my face could ever look clear and healthy , my acne was so bad that I was very insecure and unhappy with myself . It came to a point where I did not want to go outside or go anywhere , I was very depressed, I felt trapped because nothing was working for my face. Until one day I was at the dentist and one of the lady’s that works there noticed how bad my acne was and she asked me what products I was using and unfortunately I did not have a good routine at that moment so she recommended me to Antoinette. After making an appointment and finding out what type of acne I had and what I should be doing to my face there was a whole world of skin routines that I never knew existed back then. After using the products from Antoinette and learning more about acne , I was seeing results within a month and before I knew it my skin was 

completely cleared up. I never been so happy and I’m very grateful for the girl that recommended me to her . It felt like an angel came at the right timing and brought me onto the correct pathway. I 110% recommend anyone that is suffering from terrible acne , it’s money well worth it you will not be let down !” -Amy 

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