Your Health

As we all know, maintaining a well balanced diet and a healthy state of mind is key for maintaining a good health balance. Below are some tips that when implemented and constantly followed, you can maximize your daily life.

  • Wheatgrass is great as a paste on your skin for healing and drying helps with preventing scaring.

Excellent for a nutritional supplement that keeps your blood and your body detox.

Wheatgrass  if the favorite drink of the NIKE Invitational Track & Field events nation wide. Click here, for all the wheatgrass information you need.

  • Drink a lot of water. As you know a large percentage of our body us made up of water.  With constant water intake and daily exercise, you will immediately see the differences.
  • Sugar drinks are disaster for your health and acne in general. Avoid soda and sugar drinks, resort to water or wheatgrass. Soda adds unwanted calories and sugars, where water and wheatgrass provide you with the nutrients your body needs.
  • Maintain a healthy and stress-free life. Enjoy yourself. Remember that every day is a gift – enjoy the present!

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