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Connie Acne Treatment I started having acne about 13 years old.

I tried Over the Counter products like Netrogena and others and my acne just kept getting worse.
The acne made me feel so self conscious.

One day my step sister told me about Antoinette.

She has taught me so much like what kind of acne I had, how to cleanse
and remove my make-up properly. Told me how bad it was to cake on
the make-up I was using and why that one was clogging my skin even
more. She explained what it was going to take to get my skin clear.

I had to make some big changes.

My skin was so inflamed and clogged with the Grade 2 acne I had.
She put me on the Vivant Skincare System and why it was important to
see her on a monthly basis to get my skin expertly extracted. She has
guided me and supported me so much. With the miracle Vitamin it has
cleared me up.

She’s given me such great advice and is truly a great Role Model.

Thanks so much Antoinette


carina-stripI started with an acne problem about 12 years old. I tried over the counter products like clean and clear, proactive and others.

I went to two different dermatologists for 2 years. I just kept getting worse. Nothing they gave me worked. They just gave me the prescriptions and never touched or cleansed my face.

I just kept getting more frustrated and didn’t know what else to do.

Then one day I saw an ad in the local city magazine.

Antoinette was advertising that she cleared everybody.

I was very skeptical because nothing was working.

We decided to go in for the Consultation. In that hour I learned so much.

I was amazed at the information she gave me, I never heard this before from anybody .The foods that aggravate, the make-up, the picking the real reason I had this acne problem. Even the grade of acne I had, I never knew there was different grades.

As soon as she did my first Acne facial my skin was smoother.

Then she put me on the Vivant Products and a miracle vitamin and month by month it was getting better.

I love Antoinette because she really cares about me and my skin. She has taught me a lot and now I have a lot of confidence. She is always there for me with any questions at any time.

My skin today is clear and I go in every 4 to 6 weeks to be on top of it. I love the way my skin looks clear and smooth.

At my last appointment with Antoinette she was coming out with a new client and at that time Antoinette introduced me to her and she said, “you have such beautiful skin.” I never thought I would hear those words.

Thank you so much Antoinette, you really changed my life.

Carina C

Dominic Acne TreatmentI was about 13 years old when my acne started. My mom bought St. Eves, sulfur
ointments, witch hazel and nothing worked.

When I was 14 my mom took me to a Dermatologist who prescribed a variety of
medications and topical products. I did this routine for four years. I got minor

My acne problem really bothered me and I lost my confidence and was feeling
pretty bad. I also had a lot of physical pain.

Then one day my grandmother saw Antoinette’s Ad in the local magazine.

She encouraged me to go to Antoinette and see what see said. My grandmother
told Antoinette please, please help my grandson. When she did the consultation I
couldn’t believe was I learned in that hour. She explained how some of the
products I was using was making it worse, and how they were aggravating my
cystic acne. In the consultation, I learned about the hereditary factors, and I told
her my Dad had really bad acne. I also learned that it was not going to take one
product that was going to clear me, and how it takes a team of powerful products
and her treatments to do the job. l just learned so much from Antoinette. No one
had ever told me what she did.

Now after a year I feel confident and love the way I look.

My Grandmother’s so happy now. lt hurt her so much that I was suffering with
the acne so much.

She tells all the family and cousins now how beautiful my face is. She really loves

Thank You so Much,
Dominic & Grandma Angie

ElenaThis is a review of enthusiastic support for Antoinnette Klinakis and Vivant skin care products. I have known Antoinette for 8 years and am familiar with her professional qualifications. She is a dedicated professional who is passionate about skin care, with an emphasis on acne treatment(s). She was trained by the late Dr. James Fulton–the great pioneer in acne research and treatments. I was also a patient of Dr. Fulton’s before he retired. At the age of 12, I developed persistent acne. I saw doctor after doctor for the next 11 years, with no viable results; as far as my acne clearing. When I was about to give up hope, I saw Dr. Fulton on TV being interviewed. I made an appointment with him at his acne research institute, and the rest as they say, is history. Not only was my acne cleared, and has stayed cleared for the last 18 years, but I was educated  in what causes acne and proper skin care. Consistency is key. I have tried many prescriptions and OTC acne meds. with no long term results prior to using Vivant products; and I have never looked back. Give Antoinnette and Vivant products a try. You have nothing to lose but your acne!

Hear more with Elena and Antoinette on the Home page video


I never thought it was possible to get my back and chest clear.

It was so bad I didn’t even want to take my shirt off. I tried over the counter products and even went to a dermatologist. Nothing worked.

I met Antoinette and she cleared my back and chest. When I look back I can’t believe it was ever that bad. Now I’m confident and feel great.

She taught me so much if it kicks up I know exactly how to get it under control again.

Believe Antoinette when she says she can clear you. Thank you Antoinette

Austin A.



samantha-stripMy Acne started when I was 10. I used Pro Active and over the counter products and as I got older tried birth control pills. My acne continued to get worse. I saw dermatologists they gave me antibiotics and topical medication and even went on 2 rounds of Accutane. It cleared for a while and then started coming back after one year.

My acne was so bad I didn’t want to go out and didn’t want to talk to people close up. I was so insecure.

My aunt introduced me to Antoinette and then my life changed.

She gave me the education I needed to understand what was really going on and nobody ever did that. I thought it was the chocolate that was bad. Wow was I wrong. She explained the foods that aggravated my Grade 3 acne, how to remove my make-up properly and the right make-up to wear that didn’t clog my pores and so much more great information.

My skin now looks beautiful and I feel beautiful.

Now finally after nine years of struggling I now know what I takes to stay clear without drugs. I have learned so much from her.
Antoinette is the Best she works Magic.

Thanks so much Samantha W.

phillip-stripNothing was working. Advertised products, the dermatologist, nothing! Antoinette gave me my confidence back. It took time and faith, but she was there with me fighting through it the whole way. Her system is the best thing out there and trust me I had tried everything. Plain and simple, it works! If you are serious, and I mean serious about clearing your skin, then there is no reason why you wouldn’t take my recommendation and let Antoinette clear your acne!

Antoinette I cannot even put into words how appreciative I am of all you have done for me so far. It means the world to me and I just cannot thank you enough. you are the best and I will see you soon!!!

Phillip A. Juarez

My son has been fighting acne for approximately 3 years. First we tried OTC products and when that did not work we went to a dermatologist. The regimen started to improve the acne but then we hit a plateau and it was very frustrating. I had seen Antoinette’s ad and decided to make an appointment. What makes Antoinette different is the fact that she takes the time to treat each client’s acne individually. She is always accessible if you have questions and very determined to clear her client’s acne. It has been almost a year with Antoinette and my son’s face has never looked better. We are very grateful that Antoinette did not let us give up!!!!!!!!!

Christina Juarez

Acne Treatment Testimonial imageHi, My name is Magali and here is my story.

I started breaking out with acne at thirteen. Through the years I used several products. Nutrigena soap, moisturizer, proactive, apricot scrub, went to health food store and she told me to use apple vinegar, vitamins, witch hazel along with other products. Nothing worked and my acne just kept getting worse. Even the doctor could not clear my skin. I am now nineteen and suffered all those years.

I was feeling very sad, no confidence, I didn’t want to be seen in public I was very embarrassed and self conscious.

I saw Antoinette’s Ad and decided to make an appointment. After the consultation I learned so much. She taught me about my diet, why the fast foods are so bad and what makes my acne flare up, I learned my acne is a hereditary trait. My father had bad acne. Learned about picking and scarring and much more.

She is excellent in educating me and I find that is so important. What works and what doesn’t. She is really outstanding and if it wasn’t for Antoinette I would not have this confidence I am now feeling, I don’t have anymore embarrassing moments. My parents really like Antoinette and they see the difference in me.

I now feel I can accomplish anything I want to in this world. No more worrying and my face looks beautiful.

Thank You Antoinette


Acne Treatment Testimonial imageHi Antoinette,

Thank you so much for today’s facial.  I have no doubt the magic will soon begin.  As promised, I have provided you with my permission to utilize my before and after pictures as well as my testimonial for your website.

I Michele Grosenbach, authorize Antoinette Klinakis to use my before and after pictures along with my testimonial not only regarding her experience and expertise used to clear up my acne, but also to talk about the wonder product Vivant she has introduced me to.

The day I found Antoinette I can truly say was a blessing. I am currently 39 years old, and as a teenager I never went through those periods of time where I ever dealt with acne.  To me maybe one blemish is about how far it ever got, I guess I was very lucky in that aspect of it all. Now as an adult and most recently within the last two months, I have been going through a serious whirlwind of acne issues. Before I found Antoinette, it had been about a month I was dealing with about 20-25 blemishes all centered on the left side of my face, in addition I had about 12-13 ingrown hairs in my eyebrow area on the same side that literally caused swelling. Not only was this frustrating, it was painful, and embarrassment came along with it.  I had no desire to go anywhere, I was depressed because it wouldn’t go away and I didn’t want anyone to see me like this.  If I could avoid not going to work I wouldn’t have. I purchased different product trying to cure it, but nothing would work and that was even more frustrating. How long would this go on? And my biggest concern was scaring. The day I walked in and met Antoinette…..I have to say my troubles were finally over. I was skeptical at first, because I thought I have tried everything.  But her professionalism, through process and all the information she provided me with gave me the reassurance that if anyone could help me it would be her. I ended up purchasing the Vivant Skincare Regimen that night to continue to treat my acne. When I left her I could see my skin although still a mess was showing improvement. Within 24 hours there was even more improvement, I was in amazement and so excited! I went thru all the products I had purchased or tried in the past and threw all of it away. As two more days past it was even better, and I was on the road to feeling back to myself.  The best part was even some of co-workers noticed and commented on it, as they know my skin has never been like this before. This made me feel Great! By day four I was leaving for my 20 Year High School Reunion in Las Vegas…..Let me tell you, the improvement was so unbelievable that I was actually excited to go as I was considering not to. I have now been using Vivant for a little over a month and the improvement with my skin continues everyday.  Out of all the gimmicks I have purchased in the past, I can honestly say those days are over. Not only can I say I have met a wonderful person and friend out of all of this, but I have found my “Miracle Product” that to me was one of the best things I could have ever purchased.  Thank you so much Antoinette, you are simply the best!

Michele Grosenbach
Arcadia, CA

acne treatment results -graceI suffered as a teenager with terrible acne. My acne cleared for years than I got adult acne and acne Rosacea. I was so depressed at my age 75 years old I was having to deal with this terrible disease again. I tried so many products even went to a dermatologist and nothing worked. My daughter Antoinette started training with Dr. Fulton and his Vivant skincare line. In such a short time we had my acne under control. I have seen tremendous results not only with my skin but also with the hundreds of clients she has helped through the years. I am so proud of my daughter Antoinette.

Thanks to her and Dr. Fulton I look and feel great.

Grace G.


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