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Self Esteem

The Mirror: Friend or Enemy

Antoinette Klinakis on Self Esteem

What a fantastic mirror we look into everyday, to show us what we truly desire, to reflect our very wishes back to us. To an acne sufferer acne can change the way they see themselves and the world.

Let me explain.

I have been working in front of a mirror for over 40 years. Early in my career at age 20 I did the hair and make-up for the Miss California pageants plus hundreds of brides getting them ready to shine and look their best for that special day, watching the smiles and excitement that radiated through the mirror.

I have helped to change countless of lives for clients in reaching their skincare goals. I have done this for myself also. Keeping my skin healthy and radiant via proper skincare and nutrition through the years, has made a dramatic change in my own life and that of my loved ones. So, when I look in the mirror, I smile. I like the mirror and the mirror likes me.

MIRROR = Smile = Good Attitude = Positive Impression

Our reflections in the mirror can make us feel happy, or it can fill us with anxiety and hopelessness, especially when one is suffering with acne. People tend to become socially withdrawn and self-conscious. Acne can wreak havoc not only on your skin, but in your psyche. Acne can make you feel unattractive and vulnerable. It is difficult for you to look people in the eye. Self loathing can be just as scarring as the acne itself. The Mirror then becomes your enemy.

Life is a mirror and will reflect back to the thinker what he thinks into it. – Ernest Holmes

For the acne sufferer that spells DISASTER!

In their own words Clients have said…
“I don’t like looking in the Mirror. I shy away from the mirror I look Ugly.”
“I feel so insecure.”
“I hold my head down and feel humiliated.”
“Acne is always on my mind, it’s so frustrating it’s more than I can bear.”
“I’m confused I don’t know why I have it and my friends don’t. Is something wrong with me.”

Acne can and does affect a person’s quality of life.
This does not have to happen.

So, what is the acne thinker reflecting back as he thinks into the mirror now?

Well, when I clear them they:

It’s a Celebration!

I would like to share this prayer that I found.
I feel we can all benefit from it. I hope you enjoy
it as much as I did.

“Allow me to see the positive in the mirror, as well as the things
I dislike, and to be aware that there are some things that I can
change , and some things I cannot.
Teach me to recognize that the things I am critical about may
be what someone else will like about me.
Allow me to be positive about my reflection-the one that I can see
and the one that I can’t.
Allow me to look in the mirror face to face and to like what I see,
and to take that with me into the day.”

Now the mirror becomes our friend!

Mother and Daughter Michele and her husband both went on Accutane for their acne. Having both parents with acne their daughter started breaking out at 9 yrs old and I new she was headed down the path of some tuff acne. I immediately started Samantha on the program. For six years we have been on top of it. This beautiful young teenager has NEVER had to deal with the devastating effects of Samantha's Acne resultsacne. She has so many fun and important things to do at this time. If they would of let it go thinking all teens get acne and it will someday go away, well then the self-confidence, embarrassment, scaring, and hating that mirror well into adulthood would of effected her greatly. But not this young beautiful teen she is well on her way to a happy, confident, successful future. In fact, she LOVES THE MIRROR she sees herself as a positive REFLECTION.

Please read her testimonial on the before and after page.

Celebrate Your Skin!

Yes, Imagine Celebrating your Skin just like Carina is doing now.

As you can see before she hated looking in the mirror at her face full of pimples. Head down always covering her face with her hair. Embarrassed, always fearing people are looking at her pimples.

This is a totally different girl today very happy, and confident. Please see her before and after pictures and her testimonial. At 17 Kiss those acne problems goodbye and hello to a fabulous Acne Free future.

Wow what a weight off her shoulders.

Derosier familyThe hormonal roller coaster of adolescence is often apparent in facial skin. There smooth baby skin is no longer, and now there are bumps and inflammation and other sorts of problems. Addressing skin issues in adolescence isn’t all about vanity (although appearance is important at this age)- IT’S ABOUT BASIC SELF- ESTEEM.

In this family both parents have suffered with acne and the chances their sons having acne is high. But they  won’t have to worry about the devastating effects of acne on their two precious sons, because I have educated them and they have gone through the process and now know what it takes to control acne and stay clear.

The parents won’t have to be heart broken and the boys won’t have to deal with, Low Self Esteem-Withdrawn-Avoiding Social Situations-Scaring-Being Teased by kids and called “Crater Face”- “Pizza face”. All of this can be avoided.Don’t wait any longer Call me today so I can save you or your child from going through this devastating torture that ACNE causes.



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