Skincare Conference in Las Vegas

Skin Care Specialists, Dr. James Fulton and Antoinette KlinakisjpgOn April I attended the 3 day skincare conference in Las Vegas. I participated in Dr. Fulton’s “Acne Causes & Treatment” classes. As a vip esthetician with Vivant, I was invited to a special roundtable discussion on acne and peels. I networked with a group of skincare professionals from around the country and discussed new products & procedures with Dr. Fulton.

Having first hand discussions and hands-on product training really helps us understand our clients and their acne problems better. We have access to world leading products and solutions.

As usual every class and seminar, even though I’ve been with vivant for 12 years, always helps to learn and keep me informed on new treatments. With this constant information I can continue to help my clients with all of their skin care needs.

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