James E. Fulton M.D., Ph.D.

James E Fulton MDThe Vivant® skincare line is formulated by a team of researchers led by our formulating consultant James E. Fulton M.D., Ph.D., the co-developer of Retin-A. Dr. Fulton has developed dermatological products for the skincare professional, medical community and global pharmaceutical companies for over forty years. These years of experience have culminated into one patented skincare line, Vivant® Professional Skincare.

After his extensive training Dr. Fulton went into private practice where he developed all of the skincare products for his medical office.  As a presenter at numerous medical conferences he had the opportunity to show the remarkable results he achieved with his exceptional products.  Soon physicians were calling him wanting to know how to get the same results… and so, Vivant® was born!  Originally Vivant® started out as a physician’s line. However, it spilled over to aestheticians as they became aware of the incredible results that they were able to achieve without a prescription. It raised the bar for skincare specialists.

Simultaneously, Dr. Fulton introduced aestheticians into the field of medicine.  He was the first physician in the United States to hire an aesthetician to work side by side with him in his practice.  Dr. Fulton proposed using these skincare professionals to partner with physicians at the various medical meetings. At first there was disapproval in the medical community, but after several years the doctors were won over and they were calling him to find out how to get an aesthetician trained for their office.

Dr. Fulton developed a training program for his entire staff so that treatment and knowledge would be consistent in the office.  This program served as the backbone for the expanded educational program we now know as the Advanced Aesthetics Training.

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